Drum and Bass Sheffield Fychu Feedback

Fychu began DJing in 2000, inspired by drum ‘n’ bass, old hardcore collections and the pirate radio of her early teens. But it really came together when she became a regular at NY Sushi, a much-loved and sadly defunct d’n’b club night at the Unit in Sheffield, now known as Corporation. She was bowled over by the quality and presentation of the music at Sushi, and after smashing her first ever set at another night called Definition following a number of big house party sets, she got the bug and has been at it ever since.

In 2003, Fychu was involved in the creation of Feedback, a drum ‘n’ bass night bringing the genre to a new generation of ravers in Sheffield. What began as a relatively small local night at the Wicker Arches is now bringing in bookings like Technical Itch, SpectraSoul, Dom & Roland, Rockwell and Survival, as well as a regular, dedicated and fun-loving crowd, to (you guessed it) Corporation.

Spinning records she describes as “drum ‘n’ bass for the techno heads” and some more straight-up tracks, Fychu charts the deep, rolling, soulful end of the genre – plenty of Raiden, Calyx, Teebee, Black Sun Empire, Total Science and Noisia.


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