Technical Itch


Featuring on the night :

Room 1:
TECHNICAL ITCH – (Tech Itch Recordings)
FYCHU – (Feedback)
DJ P – (Feedback)
DEADMAN & MARKSMAN – (Junglist Alliance)

Room 2:
SCRATCH EDDIE – (Fine Chooning)
CHAPPY – (Feedback)
VENJA – (Feedback)
ADAM B – (Feedback0

  •         TECHNICAL ITCH – (Tech Itch Recordings)

Technical itch feedback drum and bass
Technical Itch myspace:

Venue and Ticket Info:
Club SShhhhh, The Wicker Arches, Sheffield
Doors 12.00am – 06.00am
Door Price: £6

Web Links:
Feedback Myspace:
Feedback Facebook:
Feedback Mixcloud:

feedback drum and bass tech itch

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